OffshoreViews Q4 2018 review: Musing on the Mid-Tier Indian pure-plays

While the Top 6 Indian pure-plays (IPPs) have been struggling for growth in recent times, the mid-tier suppliers have generally shown them a clean pair of heels with double-digit growth rates.

Having revenues broadly between $500m-$1bn, there is much speculation about consolidation among the mid-tier players to create more formidable competition for the top tier suppliers.

In this latest edition of OffshoreViews, TechMarketView managing partner Anthony Miller takes a closer look at the mid-tier players and speculates on whether there are indeed any ‘marriages to be made in heaven’!

Plus there’s the usual Snapshot summaries of the Top Tier IPPs and all sorts of colourful charts to enlighten the uninformed on the state of play among the offshore services market leaders.

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