5G: Opportunities in Next Generation Mobile Networks

As the headlines from this year’s Mobile World Congress subside, this report takes an in depth look at the steps mobile network operators (MNOs) are taking to prepare early implementations of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks here in the UK.

It summarises 5G test sites and pilot schemes, deployment plans, infrastructure strategy, handset availability and how the major point of differentiation is likely to come not from geographical coverage or download speeds but in contrasts around the respective focus on 5G applications and use cases across enterprise and consumer markets.

The report goes on to identify the opportunities for revenue expansion that 5G presents not only for MNOs, but also the many others involved in network connectivity, managed services, Internet of Things (IoT) and content delivery – everybody from telcos, altnets and network service providers to infrastructure equipment manufacturers, device makers, application developers and media companies.

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