Goodbye Applications, Hello Products – The Changing Face of IT Delivery

In the digital era, the received wisdom is that we are no longer to build and maintain applications estates, but rather to develop and manage product portfolios. From the industry rhetoric, it would seem that “application management” is destined for the scrap heap of history as “product management” replaces it in the IT lingua franca.

But is this change in our lexicon more than just another example of the IT industry’s predilection for buzzwords?

The pressures to change the application management paradigm appear to be becoming irresistible. The relentless pursuit of agility is inexorably leading enterprises away from IT platforms built around few, large monolithic systems towards those comprising multiple, small, dynamic solutions.

This paper looks at how the practice of application management is evolving, assesses the materiality of these developments and considers their potential impacts across internal and external supply chains. With the age of product management beckoning for both the buy and sell sides of the industry, the report also examines the impact on demand for Application Services.

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