Spotlight on Emerging Tech: Are you ready to release the Immersive Tech genie?

The pandemic response has been good for several areas of technology and immersive is one of them. Necessity has been the mother of invention, ushering in or extending the use of immersive tech across a broad swath of public and private sector areas including health and social care, training and education, remote support and maintenance, manufacturing and industrial control, retail operations and leisure and tourism. This research note outlines immersive tech infiltration, key challenges and four tests for immersive readiness.

The technology provides a spectrum of experiences capable of addressing use cases ranging from the empathetic, to the informative, to hands on practical guidance - as is appropriate. That is important because different functions and different audiences require different immersive approaches. As organisations rethink working practices, product and service delivery and consumption models across all sectors, public and private, the immersive tech that was considered a technology of the future is rapidly becoming a technology of the now. 

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