UK SITS Consulting Supplier Rankings 2021

This report contains the Top 20 Supplier Ranking (by revenue) for the UK SITS Consulting market. It is part of a series of reports assessing market and supplier performance that include SITS Consulting Market Trends & Forecasts and Supplier Prospects reports, due for publication later in 2021.

At a headline level, the Top 20 UK SITS Consulting suppliers in aggregate grew significantly in 2020. Stripping out the impact of acquisitions, however, this community saw their combined revenues decline in line with the wider demand contraction in the sector.  As is always the case, nonetheless, there were both big winners and significant losers in the battle for market share in this arena last year. The report both details the variations in performance across the Top 20 Consulting suppliers and highlights the factors impacting the market during 2021 and beyond.

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