UK Education SITS: Market & Suppliers 2021-2024

This report provides TechMarketView’s view of the UK Education Software & IT Services (SITS) market from a market and supplier perspective.

PublicSectorViews subscribers will find TechMarketView’s Top 10 Education SITS rankings for 2020, as well as our view of those suppliers that are ‘on the rise’ and, therefore, threatening to unseat the leading players, and a selection of suppliers that are worth keeping a close eye on, due to their renewed interest in the sector, recent successes, or differentiated approach.

Subscribers will also find our latest forecasts for the UK Education SITS market. Our view of 2020, and our forecasts through to 2024, are based on our proprietary Digital Evolution Model (DEM). The model provides a view of the market by the ‘New’—digital, platform and cyber security-led offering, and ‘Heritage’—offerings focused on traditional systems and processes, albeit that in many cases these are groundworks in preparation for subsequent digitalisation and larger scale digital transformation. The splits between New and Heritage have been largely derived from an enhanced vendor revenue data collection process. We also provide finer granularity by including data for the four primary groupings in DEM, namely Consulting, Solutions, Operations and Software.

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