Moving ‘HyperAutomation’ beyond the hype

Over the last couple of years automation has been one of the main beneficiaries of technology investment deployed in response to the pandemic. Technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have helped organisations modernise their heritage IT estates and bridge the gap into digital. That said, organisations continue to struggle to scale automation, having often deployed technologies in a fragmented and piecemeal manner, and whilst RPA is good at keeping legacy systems functioning – particularly in the back office – it is not always the best route to genuinely transform digital operations. 

The response of the automation industry has been to focus on ‘HyperAutomation’. A quick ‘Google’ and you will find this term across most automation vendor websites. Broadly speaking, HyperAutomation involves taking a more strategic approach to identifying, vetting and automating a wide range of IT and business processes in rapid time. However, and as one might suspect, a lot of HyperAutomation remains more about the hype than the reality. 

To explore how HyperAutomation can add value ‘on the ground’, be deployed in challenging real time business environments, and how organisations can deal with fragmented automation investment, we spoke recently with industry veteran Chris Lamberton.

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