Building AI-aided Workforce Resilience

With organisations reliant on people to deliver their products and services, workforce resilience is an foundation component of a successful business. TechMarketView partnered with Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI to take a deep dive into the role of AI in workforce resilience.

Technology is a critical workforce resilience building block, providing the digital infrastructure and connecting business systems, processes and data sources. The family of data intensive technologies - data science, automation and AI/ML - has a high impact role in delivering the intelligence-based capabilities organisations and workforces need to prepare for, sense and respond to disruption. 

This report looks at how AI/ML is contributing to workforce resilience by assisting, augmenting and protecting human workers. Yet this shift can only happen if human autonomy and oversight is recognised and prioritised, which is part of the bigger picture of humanising and explainable AI and technology. The report also examines current practices and building blocks, and some of the off-the-shelf solutions available to support the drive towards AI-aided workforce resilience. 

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