Indian-centric SITS Suppliers: UK Public Sector Presence & Ambition

In this report we have researched and analysed the Indian-centric software and IT services (SITS) suppliers active in the UK market to determine the turnover they derived from the UK public sector SITS market in their last reported financial year (and the year-on-year growth).

We define Indian-centric as those suppliers that are either Indian-headquartered, were founded in India, or have most of their employees based in India.

We have ranked the Indian-centric SITS suppliers by their UK public sector revenues; seven companies feature. Where an Indian-centric SITS supplier is absent from our rankings, it is because we have determined their revenues outside the commercial sector are negligible. 

Alongside the UK public sector SITS revenues of the seven ranked suppliers, we have also included a breakdown of their UK public sector revenues by subsector (as defined by TechMarketView): central government, local and regional government, health, education, police, and defence.

For the five Indian-centric suppliers  with the most revenues from the UK public sector – Wipro, TCS, Mastek, Cognizant, and HCLTech – we have provided a profile outlining their performance, ambitions and prospects in more detail.

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