HyperAutomation - Pursuing productivity through accelerated digital transformation

HyperAutomation - pursuing productivity through accelerated digital transformation is the second in a series of reports looking at the UK Software and IT Services (SITS) automation market.

This report defines, segments, and profiles the HyperAutomation market to help readers understand a landscape moving well beyond RPA deployment towards automations that are more strategic and by design. The UK automation scene remains a maturing market that continues to change and develop rapidly, with users, buyers and suppliers of associated solutions all struggling to surface maximum business value among the confusion and hype. This report is designed to help end-users and SITS vendors navigate this complexity in several ways: 

·       understand what is meant by HyperAutomation and how best to segment and define an emerging market

·       support end-users looking to adopt and scale automation effectively

·       help vendors compete via modernising or differentiating their offering

·       understand the size of the opportunity and challenges posed by HyperAutomation

·       help identify capability gaps by showcasing what is required and map out the current ecosystem

·       profile the vendor landscape and showcase which firms operate where

·       illustrate the key considerations and challenges in scaling HyperAutomation. 

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