UK Government CIO Agenda April 2012

We have written extensively within TechMarketView’s PublicSectorViews research about the UK Government ICT strategy and its implementation, most notably in reports such as UK Government ICT Strategy: the ‘whats’ to the ‘what ifs’ and UK Government ICT strategy: progress and direction, but also in numerous UKHotViews and UKHotViewsExtra articles (see here and work back). However, we were keen to understand the reality i.e. what is really happening within the departments and agencies. The Cabinet Office is ‘talking the talk’ but are those working to implement the strategy at the coalface ‘walking the walk’. Over the last few weeks we have met with Andy Nelson, CIO at the UK Ministry of Justice, and Robin Pape, CIO a the Home Office to find out. In this latest research note, Georgina O’Toole highlights the key findings.

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