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Tuesday 19 May 2020

More dosh for Urban Jungle to pay out for coffee spills

logoI tend to avoid boiler-plate quotes in press releases, but I thought the one promulgated by the PR team as coming from Jimmy Williams, founding CEO of London-based ‘generation rent’ insurtech startup, Urban Jungle, was neat: “Despite the lockdown, our business has remained robust, although the nature of claims has changed somewhat. There have been fewer phones stolen or lost as people aren’t going out much. But there’s been a lot more tea and coffee spilt on laptops.”

Founded in 2016, we picked up on the Urban Jungle story back in January 2018 (see Urban Jungle raises £1m to build tech-enabled home insurer) and then in May 2019 with its next raise (see More dosh for ‘generation rent’ Insurtech Urban Jungle). The start-up has now secured a further £2.5m in a seed funding round backed by Eka Ventures along with various existing and new angel investors.

Urban Jungle has tided up its website since I last looked. For example, we can now see who their underwriters are, and the outdated insurer comparison table seems to have gone altogether. It sounds like a good  idea, but as I have said before, they’ll need a lot of marketing heft to get their proposition across to their target market.

Posted by: Anthony Miller

Tags: funding   startup   insurTech  

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