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Wednesday 14 October 2020

‘Tool-of-Tools’ Qatalog raises dosh to add another tool to the mix

LOGOIt’s certainly not the way they describe themselves, but I’d describe London-based start-up Qatalaog as a ‘tool of tools’.

The idea is that many tech-savvy businesses find themselves using a raft of ‘collaboration’ tools as they grow. Eventually, confusion (or even anarchy) reigns and people end up using different tools, rather diluting the benefits of collaboration.

Qatalog brings together all the popular collaboration tools into one virtual workspace and tries to connect people with projects and the tools they are using on the projects. At least, I think that’s what it does.

Founded just last year, Qatalog raised $3.5m in a seed funding round just after launch led by Mosaic Ventures, and has now disclosed a $15m Series A round led by Atomico. Salesforce Ventures was also in the mix, along with Mosaic and a whole bunch of tech industry cognoscenti.

Qatalog is free ’forever’ for up to 10 users and integration with up to five collaboration tools, and $9 per user p.m. for unlimited users with up to 15 integrations. Apparently Qatalog’s sweet spot is organisations with 50+ people and distributed teams using more than 10 collaboration tools, which sets the fee at upwards of $450 p.m. if all employees are on the platform.

This sounds a bit pricy to me as I think the ROI business case would be tough to prove. Plus there is the effort involved integrating Qatalog with the installed collaboration tools and training users how to use yet another platform.

I understand the problem that Qatalog is trying to solve. I am just not convinced that adding another tool to the mix – and not a cheap one at that – is the way to solve it.

Posted by: Anthony Miller

Tags: funding   startup  

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