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Wednesday 15 September 2021

CGI: Covid-19 vaccination data sharing

CGI logoTechnology continues to be integral to the fight against Covid-19 and the ability for us all to return to closer to pre-pandemic life. For many of the larger tech suppliers, that means they continue to work with existing clients on Covid-19 related projects. CGI has highlighted its involvement in ensuring that Service Personnel in the UK can continue to perform their usual duties, as well as maintain their role in the national fight against the virus.

CGI is delivering connectivity between NHS Digital Systems and the MoD medical defence systems to enable rapid and secure, multi-directional, flow of Covid-19 vaccination data for service personnel. The interface enables real-time vaccination records of armed forces personnel and dependents to be accessed from both NHS MOD Defence Medical Services, and MoD human resources systems. The benefits of being able to provide real-time, accurate, vaccination data include a better patient experience, enhanced MoD workforce planning, and improved patient safety.

Defence Digital has highlighted that it was a display of agility and collaborative working that enabled the rapid and secure integration of the systems. CGI has many years of experience working within both the NHS and MoD. Accolades using words like “agility” and “collaboration” will be welcomely received.   

Posted by: Georgina O'Toole at 07:37

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