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Tuesday 12 October 2021

Backers create more funding content for ‘creator’ marketplace Vidsy

logoWhen I commented on London-based social media video content creator marketplace Vidsy back in 2017 (see Vidsy finds Guardian to raise £1.3m funding), I was hoping that their revenue business model wasn’t contingent on successful project completion like some services marketplaces I could mention.

To be honest, I remain unenlightened on the detail of Vidsy’s business model other than to assume they take a cut of the fees that content creators charge their clients. The clients tend to be ‘Fortune 500’ brands looking for outsourced (actually, more like crowdsourced) video content creation. They post their briefs (so to speak) on the Vidsy platform and creators pitch for the work. The Vidsy platform also appears to have extra smarts to help creators and brands manage the projects, so there seems to be some ‘value add’ above and beyond ‘matchmaking’.

Founded in 2014, Vidsy went on to raise a £4.3m Series A round in 2018 and have now announced a $16.5m/£12m Series B round led by Access Entertainment (whose president – and a prior Director of BBC TV, Danny Cohen – joined the board), with participation from existing investors Delin Ventures and GMG Ventures.

Besides its home base in London, Vidsy also has a ’hub’ in New York, and claims a marketplace of over 7,000 content creators worldwide.

This all looks very sensible to me, assuming the business model is bullet-proof. But there are other players in this market, so Vidsy will need to keep adding to the ‘value add’ side of the platform to keep up with, if not ahead of, the pack.

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 08:26

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