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Thursday 25 November 2021

Passionate backers relate to Attio’s new-age CRM

logoWhat caught my restless eye in the media this morning was this: “Launched in early 2021 … (t)he platform is being used by hundreds of paying customers including Coca Cola …”. Hmmm.

It turns out that the platform in question, ‘data driven’ CRM (aren’t they all?) Attio was incorporated back in 2017 as F Stack by which name it existed until October last year. Cofounder and CEO Nicolas Sharp didn’t appear to join F Stack/Attio till November 2019 having left his job as Investment Associate at Passion Capital in November 2016 (there’s a gap in his CV between those dates), and during some of which period he also acted as a due diligence consultant for Notion Capital. I can’t quite seem to join the dots.

Anyway, Attio announced that it recently raised $7.7m in a seed funding round led by Point Nine, with participation from Balderton, Headline, existing investors Passion Capital (of course), and ‘numerous’ Angels.

There’s much puffery surrounding Attio about ‘changing paradigms’, ‘customisable workspaces’ and the like, and perhaps Sharp and pals really have built the CRM equivalent of the proverbial ‘better mousetrap’. But what chance does Attio really have in a saturated market with dominant players – other than of course selling its technology to one of them!

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 08:45

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