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Wednesday 22 June 2022

Yodel in midst of cyber incident

YodelUK delivery and logistics company Yodel has confirmed that it has been the victim of a cyber-attack which has impacted its services. The incident began over the weekend, which is a quite common tactic as it can help threat actors avoid immediate detection. Online delivery tracking is currently down and the company’s customer service helpline also appears to be down for “maintenance”, though the website is still functioning.

So far details are few and far between with investigations ongoing. The information was made public after the company privately messaged eBay sellers confirming the attack in a ‘confidential’ note. Yodel is currently working towards recovering its systems but it anticipates “some immediate delays in fulfilling some of its deliveries”.

Transportation and Logistics companies are grappling with the challenge of balancing cyber defense with implementing modern tools. Nearly all are also facing rising costs due to energy and shipping price increases and skill shortages, which makes prioritising cyber defense often an item lower on the boardroom agenda.

Most businesses in this sector also use sensors and other Internet of things (IoT) devices to help them monitor and manage their supply chain operations, and allow for real time tracking of trucks or ships (and likely drones in the future). They also want to try and utilise more data sources and centralise that data to then apply predictive models for route planning and optimisation.

What this all means is that the threat surface is expanding, combined with ‘smart assets’ and Operational technology (OT) systems that often lack relevant security applications and protocols, and this presents an opportunity for cyber criminals to exploit whether through ransomware disruption, malware to initiate phishing attacks on suppliers or the theft of customer data. 

Posted by: Simon Baxter at 08:56

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