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Thursday 22 September 2022

Cutover brings humans and machines together through Collaborative Automation

Cutover logoWe met the Cutover team earlier this year (see here) when looking at some of the practical tools available to organisations as they build resiliency. We caught up with them again to see how the business has been progressing. 

One aspect of the earlier discussion was that as well as addressing CXO agendas like operational resilience and helping accelerate the execution end of digital strategies through a focus on IT Operations and automation, there was a commitment to bring people and teams together from across businesses, and recognition and support for the value of human-machine collaboration. As serial disruptions impact economies and organisations, drive changing business and IT landscapes, the flexibility, efficiency and resilience gains from human-machine collaboration are becoming more pronounced. Cutover has evolved its proposition to focus on ‘Collaborative Automation’ which emphasises the need to connect humans (engineering and non-engineering), machines and automation. 

One of the core capabilities of Cutover’s API-rich execution platform and developer portal that has not changed is its  real-time views into system executions and indelible audit trails. Cutover comes into play in IT Operations by supporting not only resilience strategies, but also cloud migrations, application release/patch orchestration, cloud migration, and connecting automations across different tools and technologies for example, with the aim of making complex IT tasks easier and more automated. But the focus on interconnecting teams, applications and technology to manage the IT estate has come to fore because the combination of different ‘skills’, knowledge and flexibility has the potential to improve operations such as optimising disaster recovery, accelerating cloud migration and advancing IT operations. 

Human-machine collaboration is a rising trend fueled by awareness that, as CEO Ky Nichol observes, automation today is still in a relatively early stage and tends to be task specific. Recognition that businesses benefit when humans can bring their flexibility and creativity to bear alongside technology is a material driver towards successful IT Operations.

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Posted by: Angela Eager at 17:19

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