Our Clients

A broad range of organisations and individuals come to TechMarketView for trusted insight into the UK tech market. 

Our subscription-based research and analysis is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the UK software, IT services and business process services markets and our clients include:

·    Tech companies from start-ups to global multinationals, software firms through telcos

·    Public sector organisations including large swathes of UK government and the NHS

·    Tech-user organisations across the private sector and notably within financial services 

·    Professional services including VC's, law firms, advisors and PR/ branding agencies

Our specialisation on the UK tech market makes us equally attractive to existing UK players and those international players looking to enter or expand in the UK market.

Our quality research and analysis is also valuable to corporate finance advisors, those involved in mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital firms, IT recruitment and executive search players. We also have a growing readership amongst end users of technology - both public and private sector organisations keen to understand how the UK tech market is evolving and the supplier landscape changing.

TechMarketView’s influence in the marketplace is significant. Our daily dose of news and views on the UK tech scene, UKHotViews, is emailed to thousands of senior executives each day and viewed by around 20,000 people each month. UKHotViews is also used as a comment source by the lead media – like the Financial Times, the Times and Businessweek.

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