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Pioneering Regulators get £12m to encourage Innovation

Innovation is one of three priority areas for the UK government – see Autumn Statement: With Challenge comes Change & Opportunity – but in order for the UK to become an ‘innovation nation’, regulation needs to...

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Aire Logic signs another £29m deal with NHS Digital

Healthtech consultancy Aire Logic continues its winning form, securing a £29m/four-year contract with NHS Digital that will see the supplier ‘run, maintain and transform’ some of the software and services that are curre...

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Civica’s Wayne Story announces retirement

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CrowdStrike warns of macro headwinds impacting growth

Advanced advancing in the cloud, internationally and acquisitively

Workforce resilience: Hive’s ‘at scale’ peer learning approach

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NHS Shared Business Services: Responding to sector challenges

In this research, following an in-depth interview with NHS SBS Managing Director, Erika Bannerman, TechMarketView looks at how NHS SBS is responding to a fast-changing NHS landscape by reimagining shared services for the digital age – develo...

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OffshoreViews Q3 2022 Review

Our quarterly summary of the top-tier and mid-tier India-centric services provider reporting season, along with insightful charts showing multiyear trends for the Top Tier players and an clickable index to relevant UKHotViews posts.

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Building AI-aided Workforce Resilience

With organisations reliant on people to deliver their products and services, workforce resilience is an foundation component of a successful business. TechMarketView partnered with Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI to take...

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