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Unisys continues to make progress in Q2

Unisys' Q2 results for the three months ended 30 June 2021 show a strong recovery from the challenges of 2020. Revenue was up 17.9% (11.5% in constant currency) year-on-year (YoY) to $517.3m (Q2 2020: $438.8m). Operating profit was up by $49.3...

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Delivering Social Value – become the lead sponsor for this TechMarketView breakfast webinar and secure your ‘interview’ slot.

Georgina O’Toole, Chief Analyst, and Dale Peters, Research Director PS, will be leading a discussion around the  rising importance of social value in the public sector in the first of our series of breakfast webinars this autumn.  ...

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Civica helps develop NI vaccine certification app

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Emerging Tech Spotlight: Developments in Augmented Intelligence

A new data strategy for health and care

Introducing the Police Digital Service

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UK Financial Services SITS - Suppliers, Trends and Forecasts 2021

This report analyses the business and technology trends impacting the UK financial services industry and includes TechMarketView’s detailed forecasts for expenditure within the associated software and IT services (SITS) market. In additi...

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Infrastructure Operations Supplier Prospects 2021 & beyond

In “Infrastructure Operations Supplier Prospects 2021 & beyond”, we look at the Top Ten leading players (by revenue) in the UK Infrastructure Operations market and assess what they will need to do to be successful this year and bey...

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UK Enterprise Software Supplier Ranking 2021

This report contains the Top 20 Supplier Ranking (by revenue) for the UK Enterprise Software market​. It is part of a series of reports assessing market and supplier performance that include Enterprise Software Market Trends & Forecasts and Su...

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