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Serco pays first dividend in 6 years

Long suffering Serco shareholders woke up to news this morning that the outsourcer was reinstating its dividend for the first time in more than six years. Confirming that the firm’s turnaround is now complete, Serco announced a sha...

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Pandemic continues to drive financial services transformation

Banking giant, HSBC, is set to significantly reduce its reliance on physical office locations in the wake of the pandemic. The bank, which is Europe’s largest, has announced plans to vacate 40% of its offices in the UK and elsewhere, in line...

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Tracsis sees light at the end of the tunnel

Fall-out from the pandemic continued to take its toll on traffic data and transportation software and services provider Tracsis during H121. The Leeds-HQ’d company, which relies on the coronavirus ravaged large-scale outdoor events sector fo...

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Granicus facilitating channel shift during the pandemic

Pivoting to digital BPO – Capita’s new Grant Management platform GrantIS

New UK Government Central Digital & Data Office

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Digital Marketplace Review 2020

This data-driven report reviews the Digital Marketplace sales figures covering the period from 01 January 2020 to the 31 December 2020. It includes data from two Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks: G-Cloud and Digital Outcomes & Special...

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Solutions Supplier Prospects 2021

In this report, we look at the Top Ten leading players (by revenue) in the UK SITS Solutions market, and assess what they will need to do to be successful now and beyond. We also provide our analysis of the potential hurdles that will prevent supp...

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Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2021

This forward looking report analyses the Top Ten leading suppliers (by revenue) in the UK Enterprise Software market, assessing what they need to do to be successful in 2021 and beyond in individual profiles. It also provides analysis of the likel...

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