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Integrum ESG secures funding to expand "glass box" platform

London-based Integrum ESG has announced a partnership with, and £100k investment from, Industrial Thought (a group of companies specialising in investment in taxation, financial data, and related consultancy services). Founded in 2018, Integ...

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Google Cloud Next 24: Las Vegas lights up the latest AI innovations

This week I am surrounded by the bright lights of Las Vegas as 30k people descend on the city for Google Cloud Next 2024. It’s only been about 8 months since last years’ GC flagship conference, but it would seem the short timescale has do...

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Type: UKHotViews Streams: CV MV PSV SV TUP TSV FSV launches Upsun DevOps PaaS with low-carbon incentive

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Version 1: Responsible AI and societal impact driving AI strategy

Technology firms pursue African opportunities

US tech surges in 2023 - whilst UK stocks stutter

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Motor Fuel Group: Modernising the forecourt experience

This report provides an insight into Motor Fuel Group (MFG), the UK’s largest independent forecourt operator. Its roots can be traced back to 2011 and it offers six major oil brands along with its own EV Power (electric vehicle) brand. Indeed, ...

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Velo’s ESG journey with Sage Earth – a carbon accounting case study

This case study report looks at how B2B marketing specialists Velo—in an industry still largely in the early stages of establishing its own sustainability best practices—has used the Sage Earth spend-based decarbonisation tool, not o...

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Sustainability Predictions 2024

This report covers TechMarketView's Sustainability predictions for 2024. As COP28’s renewable energy capacity and energy efficiency targets range out to 2030 (with a checkpoint at COP30 in 2025) there are many scenarios which could run...

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