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*NEW RESEARCH* Public Sector Supplier Prospects 2020 and Beyond

TechMarketView's Public Sector Supplier Prospects 2020 report is now available. In this publication we look at the Top 20 suppliers in the UK public sector software and IT services (SITS) market, reviewing recent progress, looking at the ...

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*New Research* COVID-19 Tech Sector Impact

TechMarketView is about to embark on its annual cycle of UK software and IT services market forecasting. We will seek, as usual, to predict the growth (or decline) of the UK SITS market over the next four years, through to 2023. Never have we ...

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*NEW RESEARCH* AWS: Operationalising AI/ML

How is Amazon Web Services (AWS) helping with the challenges end user organisations face when moving AI/ML-backed projects into production across the enterprise, to deliver the type of substantive, transformational business change expect...

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