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Thursday 15 October 2020

Penguin pair pick up pounds to empower 3D impact

logoRemember the cute penguins in the John Lewis Christmas TV ads? Well, I never saw the campaign, but the team that created the 3D animation are commercialising the software that enabled it.

Advertising execs Ben Cyzer and Tim Phillips set up their own business, Artificial Artists (does what it says, if you think about it) in 2018 to develop the platform that became 3dctrl. The idea is that brands can drop images of their products onto the platform, which then creates 3D images that can be spun around and put into backdrops. Easy peasy.

Originally bootstrapped by family and friends, Artificial Artists (which now trades as 3dctrl) has closed a £450k funding round led by Mercia Asset Management’s EIS Fund with backing from Triple Point Ventures and individual investors.

The proposition is that marketing types can use 3dctrl to create 3D collateral in-house at a fraction of the time and cost involved in using traditional 3D tools. Looks good to me!

Posted by: Anthony Miller

Tags: funding   startup  

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