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Thursday 07 March 2024

*NEW RESEARCH* Quantum acceleration is on the horizon

logoArtificial Intelligence (AI) may be the hot topic grabbing all the headlines, but it is not the only technology that has the potential to accelerate digital transformation, disrupt how we leverage data, and deliver significant productivity gains.

One such technology is Quantum computing, a rapidly developing field that many organisations are currently underestimating and unprepared to fully leverage. The development of more sophisticated quantum solutions will enable compute speeds to eclipse even the most powerful supercomputers, and while practical quantum applications at scale are still a few years off, a select few organisations are already piloting the technology. Use cases for quantum extend across multiple industries including; Financial Services (e.g. risk scoring and investment modelling), Pharmaceuticals (e.g. drug discovery), Manufacturing (e.g. Battery design & aerodynamics) and Transportation (e.g. route optimisation)

The UK in particular has been a hotbed for quantum computing development, with notable UK HQ’ed suppliers including; Oxford Quantum circuits, Oxford Ionics and Orca computing, whilst many of the larger SITS managed services providers such as Fujitsu, Eviden and IBM have also invested significantly into developing quantum solutions.

In this new report we will explore the latest developments in the field of quantum computing, the growing supplier landscape, practical examples of getting value from quantum solutions, and the potential impact of the convergence of quantum computing with AI, a prospect that may be closer than you think.

logoTechMarketView has also partnered with the Surrey Institute for People-Centred Artificial Intelligence to bring a unique perspective from academia, with Dr Andrew Rogoyski sharing his views on the skills we will need in the future and how to cultivate the right talent.

If you are a subscriber to TechSectorViews you can access the Quantum acceleration is on the horizon report today. If you don’t have a subscription and would like to gain access the report and our other research and services please contact Deb Seth.

Posted by: Simon Baxter at 23:16

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