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In the near 75 years I have been alive, the world has been in an accelerating state of change. The tech world I entered in 1966 was completely different to today. Indeed, for the 35 years I’ve been an analyst, I’ve made a living report...

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Share Performance in Mar 21

WFH and the Productivity Debate

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Share Performance in March 21

Share Performance in February 21

Review of Share Performance in Jan 21

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2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future

Richard Holway, Chairman of TechMarketView, has been producing predictions entitled 2020 Vision for much of the last two decades. Most notably in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Now that year is almost upon us. In 2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future, Ho...

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Share performance in Feb 21

A quick glance at the Share Indices for Feb 21 might lead you to believe that nothing much happened in the month. Afterall a mere 0.7% rise in the NASDAQ is nothing special. Same applies to all the other indices we follow. But the real ‘...

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Share Performance in January 21

Anyone looking at the movements in the various indices we follow might conclude that nothing much happened in Jan 21. A 2.4% rise in NASDAQ  and a 0.8% fall in the FTSE100 is hardly exceptional. But in the World as a whole, and the UK in ...

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Geoff Shingles CBE

I am saddened to report that Geoff Shingles CBE died aged 81 on 14TH Jan 21. Geoff was one of the pivotal people in the UK IT sector in its early days but went on to assist many other UK tech companies until very recently. He started in th...

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