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WFH - The backlash

Backlash The last few weeks have seen a flurry of media reports railing against the WFH ‘movement’. Basically, the message seems to be that people should go into the office in order to support the commuting/office infrastructure - ...

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More 'Tales of Two Economies'

Gaming Earlier this week I reported how both gaming and streaming services were having ‘a good COVID-19’. I reported how Sony’s gaming division (think Playstation) had boosted revenues by 32% in Q2. Owners bought 91m games fr...

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Gaming and Streaming both having 'A Good COVID-19'

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Share Performance in July 20

Share Indices - June 20

Share Indices for May 20

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2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future

Richard Holway, Chairman of TechMarketView, has been producing predictions entitled 2020 Vision for much of the last two decades. Most notably in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Now that year is almost upon us. In 2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future, Ho...

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Share Indices - June 20 and YTD

My self-managed Holway Portfolio is divided into Tech and Non Tech holdings. The Holway Tech Portfolio is UP 26% YTD. The Non Tech Portfolio is DOWN 23% YTD. Fortunately my Tech portfolio is 4x bigger! Although when I started my own portfolio 20 y...

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Share Indices - May 20

So we are in the midst of the most serious global pandemic. The world, including the UK and US, are facing the worst recession - maybe even depression - in our lifetime. But EVERY one of the indices we follow was in ‘positive territory&rsquo...

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Shares in April 20

WOW What a month It seems quite surreal to read headlines like ‘US stocks have biggest monthly rally since 1987’ or 'UK blue chips in a bull market’. Surely we are in the very midst of the worst health crisis to hit in ou...

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