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Alistair Fulton installed as Master of WCIT

‘Proud to be Boring’ says Alistair in his speech A belated Congratulations to Alistair Fulton on his installation as Master of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists last week. I’ve known Alistair for around ...

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Facebook’s ‘Bad Hair Day’

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Share Performance in Sept 21

Share performance in Aug 21

Share Performance in July 21

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2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future

Richard Holway, Chairman of TechMarketView, has been producing predictions entitled 2020 Vision for much of the last two decades. Most notably in 2003, 2006 and 2009. Now that year is almost upon us. In 2020 Vision - Forecasting the Future, Ho...

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Share Performance in August 21

Summary August 21 will be remembered by many for its harrowing scenes from Kabul. Elsewhere C-19 infections and resulting hospitalisations and deaths seem to be increasing in the US and elsewhere – even Australia and New Zealand. Inflati...

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Share Performance in Jul 21

Summary The indices we follow (as shown in the table) do not really convey the significance of the (largely) Q2 results announced in July. NASDAQ, TechMark and the FTSE Software and Computing Services Indices all advanced between 1% -3% in Jul...

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Share Performance in Jun 21

Any fears that tech was in for a ‘correction’ certainly did not come to pass in June 21. NASDAQ had a stonkingly good month – rising another 5.1% making it a 12.7% gain in 2021 YTD. This compared to a flat-lining FTSE100 (up 8.9%...

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