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Tuesday 09 December 2014

LBB emapsite: finding a place for geospatial data

Logoemapsite has already survived adverse conditions, having launched its online geospatial data service during the dot com implosion. The combination of the launch of its geographic web services and the establishment of the core of the current management team in 2004-6 provided the foundations for subsequent growth. Over the past 5 years, growth has averaged 15% per year, all organic.

The company hosts and provides location data through an enterprise-grade cloud platform managing data from over 30 different sources, including Ordnance Survey and open data, enabling on-demand access to location content. Customers combine geospatial data with other data sources to assist for example urban planning, site location (for a wind farm) or resource management. Geographic data is a valuable component within asset management, monitoring and maintenance, and risk assessment. With risk, for example, developers, asset owners and insurers can evaluate properties or sites in relation to flood and other perils, providing insight for investment decisions, risk pricing and options for mitigation.

LogoManaging and maintaining geospatial data is challenging, which makes emapsite’s promise of up-to date data, continuous availability, ISO certification and licence management appealing for organisations looking for input to improve analysis and decision making.  

Much of emapsite’s revenue comes from the land and property and asset management markets but it also has a footprint in other large, data hungry sectors including energy and infrastructure, public sector, financial services and insurance. Although geospatial data is a niche market, there is plenty of growth opportunity.

In today’s environment where data-informed decision making is increasingly valued, we are seeing more data-driven start-ups looking to monetise data assets - but emapsite is already an established provider. With enterprises recognising the value of data in all its many forms, the prospects are opening up for this Little British Battler. 

Posted by: Angela Eager

Tags: software  

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