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Friday 07 December 2018

Outstanding contenders in TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme

logoThe founders of five truly impressive UK tech SME's contended for acceptance as a Capita Scaling Partner at yesterday's TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme pre-qualification event at Capita's new headquarters in London. TechMarketView and Capita Scaling Partner are working together again to find 'digital disruptors' looking to revolutionise the Customer Management/Customer Experience market.

The contenders were:

  • Alliants a successful customer management consultancy making the journey to a software-led solution provider
  • Dragonfly who have developed exciting technology that mimcs the way the brain assigns salience to visual information to make marketing more impactful
  • Kulea a second generation marketing automation and personalisation platform that delivers significant improvements in customer acquisition, conversion and retention
  • SmartAgentan AI-driven automated customer service agent that can engage with customers in multiple languages in real-time
  • Threat Statuswhose threat monitoring platform helps identify, protect, detect, and respond to stolen secrets that have already been leaked outside of the network boundary

Successful Capita Scaling Partner Digital Disruptors will get the benefit of:

  • a dedicated business development team that works with them over 2-3 years to secure scale business deals from Capita's extensive client base
  • direct access to decision makers in Capita's corporate clients through relationships that have been built up over 30 years
  • the ability to work with Capita’s market leading customer management experts to refine and develop their proposition
  • the ability to negotiate scale deals with clients on an equal footing
  • direct channels to UK and Ireland consumers
  • Capita’s proprietary consumer data, collected from handling over 45 million contacts every day
  • access to Capita's low cost and scalable shared services.

You can read short profiles of the shortlisted companies on the Capita website and find out more about the Capita Scaling Partner programme here.

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