Innovation Partner Programme

Innovation Partner Porgramme

Launched in 2018, the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme is the latest addition to the TechMarketView UK Tech SME programme series.

The primary aim of the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme is to find innovative UK tech SMEs to partner with our large enterprise technology clients and, in doing so, help UK tech SMEs reach client markets that would normally be out of their reach.

Like our Little British Battlers and Great British Scaleups programmes, the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme also supports UK tech SMEs by helping them refine their business and solution strategies in order to achieve their growth objectives.

We developed the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme in response to requests from many of our larger enterprise technology clients asking us if we could introduce them to small, innovative tech companies that they could partner with in order to bring a greater degree of innovation to their customers.

Bringing innovation to your customers

The TechMarketView Innovation Partner programme offers our enterprise clients the opportunity to find partners with innovative technologies and solutions that can help them bring greater innovation to their customers.

Using our extensive network of contacts in the UK tech community, and the huge reach of our UKHotViews daily email, we are able to attract high quality applicants to contend for potential partnerships. The primary attraction for candidates is the opportunity to partner with enterprise technology market leaders to gain access to lucrative client markets that would typically be out of their reach.

The TIPP process

TechMarketView works with the partner-seeking organisation to develop the candidate partnership criteria and runs the application process. Typical applicants will be privately-held, UK-headquartered technology companies with revenues up to £10m p.a. and with a solution at the MVP (minimum viable product) stage, successfully deployed to one or more clients. TechMarketView will assist the partnering organisation in refining these criteria to match the specific partnership and solution requirements.

Once applications are closed (typically 3-4 weeks from launch), TechMarketView provides the partner-seeking organisation with details of each candidate’s application and, if required, can also help the partner-seeking organisation to produce a shortlist.

Business leaders from the shortlisted candidates are invited to participate in a “Dragon’s Den”-like Pitch Session, in which they present their solution to a panel including executives from the partner-seeking organisation and TechMarketView Research Directors. All decisions on partnership are at the sole discretion of the partner-seeking organisation.The partner-seeking organisation is expected to provide successful candidates with extensive assistance in developing, marketing and supporting a joint proposition that they can offer to clients.

Should the candidate partners require funding to enable the partnership, TechMarketView would be happy to introduce them to our SME Programme Corporate Advisory partner.

What's in it for UK tech SME's?

Just look at the video of Our programmes in action below. It’s a series of short interviews with CEOs of the successful UK tech SMEs who participated in our first TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme in which UK business process services leader Capita asked TechMarketView to find them innovation partners.

Want to know more?

We generally announce the opening date for applications to the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme on UKHotViews eight weeks ahead of time. For further information please email or call TechMarketView Managing Partner Anthony Miller (020 3002 8463).

Our programmes in action

Further information

If you are interested the TechMarketView Innovation Programme, or have any questions about any of our programmes speak to our Client Services team.

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