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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Facebook donates £1m to Bletchley Park

FacebookI am thrilled to report that Facebook is to give £1m to Bletchley Park which has lost nearly all its visitor income since C-19 struck. A further £447K will come from HMGovt’s Culture Recovery Fund. I’m sure all readers are aware of the Bletchley Park story and the part that Alan Turing and his codebreakers played in WW2.

SavingI’m also sure that many readers know Dr Sue Black and I commend you to read her book ‘Saving Bletchley Park’ if you have not done so. There is something rather pleasing firstly to read how Sue’s social media campaign – mainly on Twitter - was a major reason for Saving Bletchley Park from decay in the last decade. And now the biggest global social media company – Facebook – comes in to save it again.

Prof Sue Black earlier today told me (via Twitter, of course!) that she was delighted that Facebook had made the decision to support Bletchley Park in their time of need. ‘The work done at Bletchley Park by thousands of people shortened WW2 by 2 years saving millions of lives. We are so lucky to still have the place, where the codebreakers worked, available for anyone to visit. So thankyou Facebook. I hope other tech companies follow suit supporting Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing so that our children and grandchildren can learn about and appreciate our rich heritage’.

Another Tech for Good story!

Posted by: Richard Holway

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