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Thursday 22 July 2021

Oliva jumps on ‘mental wellness’ bandwagon with new funding

logoThese are stressful times. If employers weren’t unduly concerned about their workers’ mental health before the pandemic, I would think by now many most certainly are. Hence the proliferation of startups aiming to ameliorate the problem, such as Oliva.

With a team based in the UK and Spain, and headquartered in London, Oliva seems to be part-therapy consultancy, part-therapy delivery platform and part-therapist marketplace for enterprises to provide mental health support for employees. But I may have got that all wrong as Oliva’s website is less than expansive as to precisely what they do and how they do it, or gives any clues on the business model or pricing.

Just launched in the UK, Oliva has raised £2.2m in a pre-seed investment round led by Moonfire Ventures and ‘numerous tech founders and executives in Europe’ (any professional mental health backers?).

I feel just a little uncomfortable about a mental health startup whose website is full of the ‘right messages’ on soothing pastel backgrounds, but where the PR claims that organisations can get the platform up and running in 10 minutes. Job done?

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 09:26

Tags: funding   startup   healthtech   MentalHealth  

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