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Thursday 22 September 2022

Holographic calls coming to a metaverse near you

Holographic CommsWhether its from the Marvel movies or Star Wars, we have all become familiar with seeing the use of holographic technology for some time in TV and Film. But the reality is that we are still some ways behind in that technology becoming a mainstream feature. The tech has already made some large leaps in advertising, primarily utilising fans to create holographic images, and yet they are still pretty absent from our high streets.

Now the latest trend seems to be towards pushing holographic tech into communications. European operators Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone Group have teamed up with technology company Matsuko on a pilot to make holographic calls as easy to conduct as a voice call, employing 5G and edge computing.

In addition, the operators and Matsuko are developing a platform to combine “real and virtual worlds” through a mobile connection, using a smartphone camera to generate a 2D video. This is then rendered into 3D holograms in the cloud and streamed to viewers in an AR, VR or MR environment. The companies highlighted the importance of 5G (taking advantage of its high speed, broad bandwidth and low latency) to overcome challenges to creating “realistic 3D imagery which existed until now”.

The Metaverse has been a term in use for several years now, and as a trend is one that will continue for many years to come. The reality is that enabling a metaverse that is successful will require both large adoption of a sophisticated and relevant platform, and for such virtual worlds to much more strongly resemble the real one. Current ‘metaverse’ platforms are really nothing more than basic virtual environments, utilising low resolution avatars and clunky chat systems. Perhaps holographic communications may help bridge the gap?   

Posted by: Simon Baxter at 09:25

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