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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Deep-Secure takes security to another level

TMV LBB logoDeep Secure logoOne of the ‘Malvern cyber security cluster’ of SMEs, Deep-Secure has its roots in Clearswift Group, where it was the Specialist Products division and was the subject of a Management Buy-Out in 2009. The company develops high assurance information security software-based products (a family of ‘Guards’) to its core markets of UK defence, UK government and NATO, where organisations have to exchange and share sensitive data between varying security domains. The current team of 27 people, including CTO Simon Wiseman, have worked in the defence technology & security sector for many years – many formerly with QinetiQ.

CEO Robin King highlights the company’s UK sovereignty, the ease with which customers can do business with the company, and the ability for the products to be consumed in a flexible and adaptive way. The message appears to be meeting with approval from partners; the list of Deep-Secure’s IT services companies is noteworthy, including BAE Systems, Fujitsu, Logica, HP, Cassidian, Thales, Serco and Capita.

Now Deep-Secure aims to move into sectors where there is a requirement for secure data sharing between organisations such as local government, health, finance and critical national infrastructure, both in the UK and internationally. The intention is also to broaden the product set to include other methods of communication such as instant messaging, voice and video and industrial process control protocols. The challenge will be convincing organisations outside of the defence & intelligence sectors that their current idea of ‘secure’ is, according to Deep-Secure, anything but.

Posted by: Georgina O'Toole at 08:00

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