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Monday 31 July 2023

*UKHotViewsExtra* Predyktable looks to differentiate in Retail through Prescriptive analytics

Predyktable UK startup Predyktable is looking to help retail and hospitality organisations become more data driven through its prescriptive analytics solution, combining consultancy expertise with data science. I recently caught up with CEO and co-founder Phillip Sewell and Chief Product Officer, Andrew Kohter, to understand more about the business and the value of prescriptive analytics.

Predyktable is a relatively new organisation formed mid-way through 2022, but with decades of industry experience through its leadership team. The company is funded through angel investors and has been operating off the radar so far, spending its time since inception building up its software and prescriptive models, and testing the waters with potential clients, the reception so far has been very encouraging I’m told.

Now I’m sure you may be wondering what is Prescriptive analytics? Well, it is a fairly new concept, at least in comparison to the more well-known predictive analytics. Prescriptive looks to go a step than just making predictions though, and highlights specific actions retailers should take such as identifying price points, messaging and social channels to use.

In this UKHotViewsExtra article we explore the value of prescriptive analytics, the Predyktable platform, the importance of being data driven for retail and hospitality organisations to survive and thrive, and how data could be used in new ways to potentially transform the high street.

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Posted by: Simon Baxter at 09:04

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