Tuesday 15 February 2011

Steria’s platform-based shared services strategy

Steria logoWe recently attended Steria’s analyst event in the north of England, from where it is performing two of its biggest outsourcing deals - NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), the long-running shared services joint venture with the Department of Health (DoH), and the more recent £219m BPO contract with Cleveland Police Authority (CPA). These two contracts will have big implications for Steria’s future in the UK market, and the company’s broader outsourcing/shared services strategy.

As firsts of their kind across the NHS and the Police they are important test cases in shared services BPO to the public sector. For other SITS suppliers hoping to benefit from shared services and BPO opportunities in the public sector over the next few years, there are some important lessons to learn here.

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Posted by John O'Brien at '15:36' - Tagged: publicsector   bpo   bpaas   businessprocessservices