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Thursday 06 September 2018

*UKHotViewsExtra* £200m for new Global Digital Exemplars

NHS logoSpeaking at the NHS Expo in Manchester, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock said, “The NHS is at the same moment the world’s biggest opportunity for saving lives through modern technology, and the world’s most frustrating place to work for its IT” and that it is “an immediate priority” to sort out the technology of the NHS and social care systems.

He intends to achieve this vision via a six-part plan, which includes: 1. Interoperability; 2. Intelligent procurement; 3. Building a HealthTech ecosystem; 4. Backing the NHS to develop and co-create solutions; 5. Embedding skills; and 6. Culture change. 

Hancock highlighted the need to improve the interoperability of systems used across health and social care and stated the Government will impose new open standards. He sees the Global Digital Exemplars (GDEs) playing a big role in helping the NHS making better purchasing decisions and announced £200m would be allocated to support new GDEs in acute, mental health, ambulance and community trusts in England. It was also announced that a HealthTech Advisory Board is being created consisting of tech experts, clinicians and academics, which will be chaired by Dr Ben Goldacre.

UKHotViews Premium logoIn the eight weeks since his cabinet appointment he has focused heavily on the role of technology in transforming healthcare. His latest announcements reiterate his willingness to play tough with suppliers that don’t work in the best interests of the NHS, but also a desire to create the right environment for innovative businesses to thrive. 

Subscribers to TechMarketView’s research services, and our UKHotViewsPremium service, can read further details on the announcements here.

Posted by Dale Peters at '21:31' - Tagged: healthcare   policy   government   digitaltransformation