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Wednesday 16 September 2020

HR Datahub raise dosh for its HR data hub

logoCompanies love to benchmark themselves against each other and doubtless there is money to be made by providing that service.

Bedford-based start-up HR Datahub (does what it says on the tin) entered the fray a couple of years ago and now holds comparative HR-related data on over 250 companies covering 1.4m UK employees and 4.4m global employees on issues such as Diversity & Inclusion, Women in Leadership and Gander Pay Gap amongst many others.

HR Datahub recently raised £1m in a seed funding round led by the Angel CoFund.

I can’t find any information on their business model (I assume it’s some sort of subscription service) and the company has yet to file any accounts.

There are other players in this market of course, and I am in no position to judge how HR Datahub compares – it’s single-page website is not very forthcoming. There’s no mention of analytic tools so it sounds like you pays your money for access to the data (and undoubtedly provide your company’s data too) and the rest is up to you.

This could work – but sounds like there’s a way to go yet.

Posted by: Anthony Miller

Tags: funding   startup  

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