Monday 18 September 2017

** NEW RESEARCH ** Understanding Blockchain

coverThe central theme of research from TechMarketView this year has been “Unlocking the Intelligence” and what we’re seeing is a huge flood of data being created and a desire, indeed a necessity, for firms to use that data to generate more revenue and lower costs. But given all this flood of data, the disaggregation of value chains and the problem of cyber-crime, how can firms and governments be sure that they’re using the right data, that it’s correct and it’s from legitimate sources. And how can the provider of the data be sure that he is receiving his due reward for the work has put in. Central to solving these problems is the Blockchain.

Over the past couple of years, the Blockchain bandwagon has begun to roll and has gathered substantial momentum. Many observers are adamant that Blockchain and its underlying Distributed Ledger Technology can have a transformative effect on many industries, particularly within financial services, and on society at large. This report aims to put Blockchain and its potential into context, to help readers understand what is really happening within the hubbub of announcements and to identify the best way forward, for potential users and IT services suppliers.

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