Wednesday 21 February 2024

*NEW RESEARCH* SMB Productivity: Driving value through modernisation

In this new piece of research by Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, TechMarketView profiles SMB (small and medium sized businesses) buyers to understand whether their tech investments to accelerate digital progression have also led to improved productivity growth.

SMB Productivity: Driving value through modernisation explains that productivity growth is a challenge for firms of all sizes – and has been for some time. Implementing the right technologies in the right way can help, but SMBs face their own set of very specific challenges. They don’t always have dedicated IT expertise, meaning they can be late to adopt – and benefit from – technological advancements. Additionally, it’s difficult for smaller organisationssmb to engage directly with large technology vendors, and a direct partnership between the two is often just too impractical (given the large number of SMBs in the market, their typically small budgets, and the go-to-market model of the large vendors).

This is where the channel (the ecosystem that enables the supply of products and services from large vendors via distributors and resellers to buyers) becomes an essential piece of the jigsaw. Through Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the UK’s SMB community is not only gaining access to new technology (for example cloud-based services and smart workplaces) but it is finding ways to improve productivity levels.

A big thanks to the organisations that took part in this research (National Timber Group, McDermotts, Ascot Services, Franklins Solicitors, and DWA Claims).

The tech providers in this report are all SMBs themselves (Excenta, Croft Communications, inTEC, Digital Origin, KSM Telecom), and when SMBs work with SMBs, the whole local economy benefits. Furthermore, if local firms – such as those in legal and construction – can sufficiently digitise, this in turn improves the range and quality of services they are able to provide, which in turn also benefits the local community.

Read the report: SMB Productivity: Driving value through modernisation.

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