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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Little British Battlers – first report

LBB Q1 2012 reportWhen we issued an invitation last November to CEOs of small, privately-held, UK-owned software and IT services companies to meet the TechMarketView analyst team (see here), we thought 20 or 30 might reply.

In fact, we got over 180 responses – and the requests are still coming in!

Our aim was to give CEOs of ‘Little British Battlers’—LBBs—the opportunity to get on our radar, and present their products and services, successes and aspirations, to the TechMarketView team. In exchange, TechMarketView would give the LBBs honest feedback and of course visibility in the marketplace – a level of exposure that frankly money can’t buy!

Over subsequent weeks, we whittled down the list to just twelve companies whom we thought were representative of the peer group. They were Assuria, CentraStage, Coactiva Aspiren, Featurespace, Littlefish, Mobica, Redstor, Sumerian, The Logic Group, TIW Group, Toplevel and Web Technology Group. These were companies that the TechMarketView team thought were among the most interesting, in terms of the themes that they played to and the markets that they served. In particular, we felt that they all were punching well above their weight, winning marquee clients against the giants of the industry.

In our first report in the Little British Battler series, we have summarised the views and opinions of the TechMarketView team on each of these companies While every company had its specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we found there were some common themes, and we have drawn these together in the SWOT of the SWOTs at the end of the report.

We are now in the process of planning the next stage of the TechMarketView LBB programme. Meanwhile, eligible TechMarketView clients can download the Little British Battlers – Q1 2012 report right now!

Posted by: HotViews Editor at 08:30

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