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Monday 01 October 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Quantum computing preparation and potential

Quantum computing is finally moving from theory into testing. It is bringing the promise of feats that would not be possible with current computer architectures, to solve problems that would otherwise take an enormous amount of time and compute power to process, a tad closer.

imageimageToday, TechMarketView launches a quantum technology research double bill:

• Quantum Technology Preparation: What is the Investment, Where is the Activity?

• Quantum Computing: Assessing the Potential for the Next Decade.

The ‘Quantum Technology Preparation: What is the Investment, Where is the Activity?’  report from the Enterprise Software & Application Services (ESASViews) research stream probes the quantum technology landscape. It examines investment levels and sources, highlighting where the most supply-side activity is, and based on supplier activity, posits an initial view on the industry sectors likely to be early beneficiaries of quantum technology.

Quantum Computing: Assessing the Potential for the Next Decade’, from InfrastructureViews, examines the current status of the quantum computing ecosystem, what the key applications are likely to be, and what the outlook is for quantum over the next five to ten years.

Even though a commercially viable general purpose quantum computer is some years off, there is everything to play for in the emerging quantum technology sector, so governments (several of whom have declared quantum capability a national priority), suppliers and enterprises need to be preparing now.

If you are not a current TechMarketView subscriber and would like details about our services, Deborah Seth ( will be happy to help.

Posted by Angela Eager at '09:17' - Tagged: software   infrastructure   AI   machinelearning   computing