By Richard Holway

On Wednesday 26 June 2013 at BAFTA, London, some 200 of our customers and friends attended the first Intellect TechMarketView Presentation and Dinner at Bafta. It was a SELL OUT event and it was really great to see so many of the CEOs from the UK’s leading players give up an evening to attend.

It was also good to see the whole TMV Team in action. Everyone of our Research Directors gave a session on their ‘specialist areas’. Tola also conducted an interview with Christian Nagele, the CEO of Little British Battler CentraStage. Then Anthony Miller (complete with new shirt/tie combo) ended with his famous Top Twenty Countdown.

I was, I must admit, extremely proud of the TMV Team. Everyone who has ever worked with me in business or the Prince’s Trust knows how much I believe in succession planning. Last night showed that TMV is much more than Anthony & I and that the industry will have its star performers for many years to come!

The evening ended with a really rather good dinner and much heated conversation amongst the attendees on every subject under the tech sun…and beyond if my table was anything to go by.

bafta dinner and presentation 2013