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The Digital Skills Deficit - £1,750 + VAT

There is a slew of data pointing to the existence of a significant, widespread and deepening digital skills shortage. It is viewed by many as the most significant drag on both the progress of enterprise transformations and the expansion of the IT services sector. The technology arena, however, is no stranger to recurrent personnel constraints. Every new technological wave brings with it the need for new expertise. This is the one of the biorhythms of the IT world and one to which it regularly readjusts. So is this latest talent deficit really any different to those that have gone before? This paper examines the factors that are shaping and driving the digital skills deficit, considers the measures which need to be taken to address it and looks at how the supply side is responding to this challenge. It also looks at how this dynamic is impacting the market and seeks to identify what else will need to happen if skills are to become and enabler, not an inhibitor, of growth.

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Automation – Transforming Financial Service Majors - £1,750 + VAT

This report examines the current state of automation within the financial services sector, examining the key players and technology providers and their strategies. We propose an evolution framework for automation and identify the financial services sector’s current position within it. The report then goes on to describe the potential for change which will be facilitated by the introduction of end to end process automation and then presents a number of recommendations, both to the established financial services players and to the members of the software and IT services vendor community. Finally, this is all illustrated in practice with a case study of how Lloyds Banking Group has deployed and scaled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) throughout its business.

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Securing the Cloud - £1,550 + VAT

In this report, we examine the steps the major providers offering cloud services in the UK are taking to ensure the security of their infrastructure and by extension the customer data stored within it.

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Digital Employee Experience & FoW - £1,750 + VAT

The last decade has seen the increasing automation of white-collar activities with robotics and intelligent automation moving firmly into the corporate mainstream. The initial reaction from some in the media has been to focus on the negatives with predictions of a jobless future and automated dystopia. Whilst there’s no doubt that an increasing amount of activity (particularly routine repetitive work) will be automated, it is by no means all ‘doom and gloom’ for the workforce, as offsetting these changes will be huge potential benefits. Organisations and their employees will work to reconfigure and redesign the workplace leading to employees learning new skills, and in many cases creating more stimulating and higher value roles. Central to this is the belief that if done well, the fusing of digital and human labour provides an opportunity to improve the Employee Experience (EX).

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Digital Enablement via Low Code Platforms: understanding the position, uncovering the prospects - £1,950 + VAT

Investment in digital transformation planning, pilots and early production have set the scene for practical enablement and broader deployment, marking 2019 and beyond as a period of digtial activism. Digital change activities have also highlighted the need for enabling toolkits and techniques and in that context, TechMarketView believes suppliers and end users need to understand the impact of low code platforms and their potential for accelerating digital change. This report explores the low code market and the key suppliers and platforms that are jostling for a place in the digital activist application development toolkit. It sets the scene for low code as an enabler and accelerator of digital transformation and exprovides recommendations for end user organisations and suppliers.

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