Thursday 07 November 2019

Immersive Labs gets US$40m funding to drive US expansion

Cyber security training and gamification start-up Immersive Labs raised an additional US$40m of funding from Summit Partners and Goldman Sachs to establish an office in Boston from where it will drive its North American sales.

The Bristol-headquarted outfit received US$8m of Series A funding led by Goldman Sachs earlier this year, having increased its annual recurring revenue by 750% and grown its headcount to over 100.

Immersive Labs’ interactive cyber skills platform eschews classroom- based learning in favour of on-demand gamified attack simulations designed to train both cyber security specialists and business users how to protect against security threats like phishing and reverse-engineering malware. The solution also maps an organisation’s security skill sets to identify weaknesses and shortages which should ideally be addressed.

The current cyber security skills shortage is unlikely to be solved any time soon (see our Cyber Security Supplier Ranking 2019 report here) while immersive games are creating their own buzz (see Backers immerse £2.5m to make Immersive Games real). Given the volume and diversity of cyber threats currently lined up against enterprise IT departments, any technology that shortens the time it brings new cyber security professionals to market can only be a good thing in our opinion.

Posted by: Martin Courtney

Tags: funding   skills   training   cybersecurity   Gamification  

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