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Wednesday 15 September 2021

CattleEye milks investors to shake up animal welfare tech

picThis is the first time I have seen a website with a strapline that begins, “Unleash your cow’s potential”. The rest of the strapline reads, “with autonomous video monitoring”, which is the USP for Belfast-based livestock monitoring technology company CattleEye.

Founded in 2019 by Terry Canning, the son of a dairy farmer from Co Armagh Northern Ireland, and Adam Askew, an image analytics expert, CattleEye has developed a hands-free (should that be hoof-free?) video monitoring system that only needs a basic low-cost security camera mounted over the entrance or exit of the milking parlour. The CattleEye platform analyses each animal’s behaviour to detect locomotion deviations, which are highly correlated to lameness in dairy cows. Lameness has been identified as the top syndrome impacting cattle production and welfare in the UK.

CattleEye has closed a $2.5m seed investment round from a syndicate led by Techstart Ventures and including Paris-based venture capital firm Seventure Partners and Turntide Technologies, a Silicon Valley venture backed by Amazon.

The CattelEye team PR photo shows everyone wearing wellie-style plastic shoe protectors, though as they are all scrupulously clean, I suspect none of the team had actually been in the cowshed milking the livestock.

Puns aside, I am mooved to venture that CattleEye looks like being an important breakthrough in both animal welfare and food production. CattleEye is aiming for commercial launch later this year and the technology is currently being used by a group of pioneer dairy farms along with UK retailers Tesco and Marks & Spencer. The US Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) is also utilising the technology to explore how CattleEye data can be used in genomic selection to help improve overall hoof health in dairy cows worldwide.

Posted by: Anthony Miller at 09:08

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