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Wednesday 13 October 2021

IBM and Deloitte launch DAPPER for hybrid AI

ibmLong time partners, IBM and Deloitte, are combining their respective platforms and expertise to create DAPPER for fully managed AI-enabled analytics.

DAPPER is the combination of Deloitte’s Analytics Platform and IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift. It is run by Deloitte in the IBM cloud (built on IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture and AI technology) and is available on premises or in multi-cloud environments. del

Using a subscription model, users can get more from their data without having to build and manage a custom solution. DAPPER can be used by both data scientists and business users to manage insights focused on delivering business outcomes.

The likely attraction of DAPPER will be two-fold. Firstly, its ability to create reports from real-time data siloed in disparate data centres - and then use advanced AI algorithms to help drive decision making. Secondly, it’s a managed service offering than can be designed and deployed more quickly (i.e., a matter of weeks) than a custom offering.

Deloitte and IBM have had a global alliance in place for 21 years. The DAPPER announcement underlines the importance of strategic partners ecosystems in enabling customers to adopt new technologies in a relatively quick way. Pace is even more important than ever with many organisations retaining the "speed mindset" that emerged during the earlier pahse of the pandemic.

Posted by: Kate Hanaghan at 09:40

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