Success story: Hublsoft


Formally launched in March 2019, Hublsoft is an immersive, enterprise-class data analytics and business intelligence platform which allows business and non-technical users to derive broader and deeper insight from operational data than that provided by fixed-format, dashboard-based BI tools. Hublsoft is backed by UK tech VC, Maven Capital Partners.

Partner profile

Hublsoft was seeking solution providers, consultancies and systems integrators who were looking to deepen customer intimacy and establish sustained value partnerships.

The offer

Layering Hublsoft technology across existing services will transform the partner’s ability to win, retain, and grow customers by revolutionising the value experience.

The result

In conjunction with their own marketing campaign running in parallel with the TIPP, Hublsoft was able to attract enquiries from organisations that met their target partner profile criteria as well as attaining a much deeper understanding of where the platform best fits in the market.

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