Simon Baxter

Principal Analyst
Mob: +44 (0)7707942915


Simon joined TechMarketView in March 2022 as a Principal Analyst across the TechSectorViews and PublicSectorViews research streams.

Simon has 10 years of experience in research and analysis covering the UK and Global IT markets, as well as monitoring numerous other Industries to understand the impact of technology on organisations. He has also spent several years with a focus around emerging technologies and digital transformation, especially the use of AI and Quantum technologies.

Immediately prior to joining TechMarketView Simon held the position of Senior Market Intelligence Manager at Fujitsu Services Ltd. and was responsible for embedding market insight into Fujitsu’s decision making and leading a range of market research programmes across Fujitsu’s global business encompassing Europe, North America and Japan.

Simon has a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Management from Newcastle University.

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