Tuesday 05 September 2023

NEW RESEARCH: AWS and SAP take top spots in TechMarketView’s Sustainability Technology Activity Index

STAI Front CoverTechMarketView’s inaugural Sustainability Technology Activity Index – out today – shows Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP taking top spots across UK&I and EMEA/Worldwide respectively in terms of the number of environmental sustainability activities each supplier was involved in during Q4 2022 (the timeframe of the report).

This unique take on the sustainability technology landscape sees TechMarketView analyse how emerging and enabling technologies are being used, by software and IT services suppliers worldwide, in a variety of environmental sustainability use case areas.

The Sustainability Technology Activity Index captures data about project milestones and product launches across a wide range of initiatives (spanning ESG reporting, nature monitoring, supply chain innovations, the circular economy, smart buildings, micromobility, energy grids, and carbon removal – to name a few) – including information on which technologies (such as AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, 5G, etc.) are in play, what suppliers and end user organisations are involved, and where and when an activity takes place.

The extent of AWS and SAP’s sustainability work (both solo and in partnerships) shows serious commitment by these technology giants. The Index also shows that there is a very long tail of other (often much smaller, specialist) companies – some only involved in only one or two activities apiece. However, the top players boast deep credibility in wider business areas, and that counts for a lot when end user organisations are looking for partners that can both address their sustainability challenges and do so in ways that generate value for the business.

AI and machine learning (perhaps unsurprisingly) claimed the title of most-used technology across all project milestones and product launches logged worldwide, with the most commonly-cited use case relating to strategy and planning activities based on environmental data – a combination of somewhat frenzied interest in Environmental Social Governance reporting (prompted by tightening legislative requirements) and the need to make that data work harder for the business. 

Data – and the integrations that facilitate data flow – is key to the success of most sustainability-related activities. Any sustainability investment that leverages the data at its disposal to deliver on multiple fronts can become woven into the very fabric of how an organisation plans and runs, providing opportunities to pay for itself in CFO-friendly terms.

TechMarketView is launching a new research stream based around Sustainability (see for more details). This report is currently available for purchase at a price of £10,000. Additionally, for those who make an early purchase, there will be a special discount applied when the research stream officially goes live.

The complete research stream will have an annual price tag of £25,000. However, the cost of this report (£10,000) will be deducted from that amount for stream subscribers. Furthermore, as a show of appreciation for choosing to acquire this inaugural report in advance, an extra discount of £5,000 will be applied at the time of subscribing, reflecting our appreciation of your support.

Please contact Deb Seth on for more information, and for details of tailored SME pricing.

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