Thursday 30 March 2017

*NEW RESEARCH* The Little British Battler 100 report - The LBB100

lToday we are launching The LBB100 report, following our hugely successful LBB100 event last night at the Oxo Tower in London (see Celebrating the 'LBB100').

The LBB100 report is to celebrate the fact that more than 100 innovative UK tech SMEs have now taken part in the TechMarketView Little British Battler (LBB) Programme.

We asked all of our LBBs to contribute to an anonymous questionnaire to answer a series of questions about what it takes to make it (or break it) as a UK Tech SME.

This report answers some of the burning questions about the LBBs, as they seek the next stage in their growth:

  • Which sectors are seeing the fastest growth among LBBs? 

  • What age do most get acquired or sell up? 

  • When do most LBBs seek external investment? 

  • Which technologies are going to be most disruptive over the next 5-10 years? 

There are some fascinating findings. TechMarketView subscribers can now exclusively read the report here: The LBB100.

If you're not a TechMarketView subscriber, or would like to learn more about The LBB100 report, please contact Deb Seth (

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