Friday 28 May 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* EU Cloud Code of Conduct gets initial DPA approval

*UKHotViewsExtra* EU Cloud Code of Conduct gets initial DPA approvalThe European Union’s Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) has inched ahead in the race for pan-European adoption after a “favourable opinion” by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) was followed by formal approval from the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA).*UKHotViewsExtra* EU Cloud Code of Conduct gets initial DPA approval

What remains to be seen is which other member state DPAs and cloud service providers (CSPs) now move to embrace the code and how soon amendments covering the transfer of personal data to third party, non-EU countries like the post-Brexit UK can be formulated and certified.

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can read our latest research examining how the EU Cloud CoC - as well as different codes of conduct like CISPE and soon Gaia-X – should eventually make it simple for customers to determine whether a cloud computing service is GDPR-compliant. The report also discusses how evolving rules on data transfers to non-EU countries could impact data sovereignty and CSPs in the UK, the US and other parts of the world.

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Thursday 27 May 2021

Welcoming Aqilla as a sponsor of our 2021 Breakfast Webinars!

AqillaWe are very pleased to announce Aqilla as an inaugural sponsor of the 2021 TechMarketView Breakfast Webinars.

Aqilla has supported our Evening with TechMarketView event for the last two years and we’re delighted to now welcome them back as a jade sponsor of our financial services-focused webinar in October, at which TechMarketView Research Directors Marc Hardwick and Jon C Davies will explore the topic - Clarity of purpose: How the pandemic helped financial services to focus on what really matters!

Aqilla has been delivering class-leading Cloud based accounting and business solutions since 2006. The feature rich platform is aimed at delivering cost and efficiency savings to medium sized businesses and divisions of larger organisations. Designed for Cloud from the start it runs with ease within any browser on any desktop or mobile device delivering real cost and efficiency benefits across the enterprise. With customers located in some 34 countries and designed to support multi-company, multi-currency and even multi-lingual operation, we’re very excited to have them on board!

As previewed in UKHotViews earlier this month, the webinar series will run this autumn with each session focused on a different hot topic, such as social value in public sector tech, the cyber security landscape and sustainability. If your organisation is interested in joining Aqilla as a sponsor, you’ll find more details of available packages on our website or contact Paula Miles-Mathewson at TechMarketView to express your interest in supporting the events.

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Tuesday 25 May 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* Three low code takeaways from Appian World

Appian logoAppian held its (virtual) World conference recently and for those following the rise of low code development there were three notable takeaways. In addition to marking strategic moves for Appian, they also throw light on emerging trends across the wider low code sector.

With low code data integration, low code RPA including computer vision, and a new benchmarking tool, frontiers are being pushed outwards and changing the low code value proposition. In Three low code takeaways from Appian World, you can see how Appian and the low code sector is progressing. 

What is apparent, is that the no and low code movement continues to gain momentum. Capabilities are evolving quicky due to the twin forces of supplier landscape expansion as suppliers from diverse backgrounds move into the space); and technology convergence. Products are becoming more sophisticated; business critical use cases are expanding; and SIs and consultancies suppliers are increasingly skilling up around low code development in order to be able to improve the level of service they can offer their own clients. 

UKHotViews PremiumTechMarketView clients, including HotViews Premium subscribers, can access the research note here. If you don’t have a subscription you can contact Deb Seth for details.

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Tuesday 25 May 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* OffshoreViews Q1 2021 Review

chartMarch marks the end of the financial year for the top tier India-headquartered IT services firms so in this edition of OffshoreViews we review their financial performance in the UK market. No prizes for guessing who wins the crown!

Now in presentation-style format, OffshoreViews includes our regular summary of the top-tier and mid-tier Indian Heritage Provider (IHP) reporting season, along with insightful charts showing multiyear trends for the Top Tier players and an clickable index to relevant UKHotViews posts.

Subscribers to the TechMarketView Foundation Service can download OffshoreViews Q1 2021 Review right here, right now!.

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Tuesday 25 May 2021

A bumper year of UKHotViews Extra research so far

UKHotViews PremiumWe’ve had a bumper year in UKHotViewsExtra so far – here are some of the main stories in case you missed them:

To find out more about how you can access our UKHotViewsExtra research, please get in touch with Paula Miles-Mathewson at for more details.

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Monday 24 May 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Continued recovery in UK SITS deals

IVCA Q1 2021Merger and acquisition activity grew for the third successive quarter in the UK software and IT services (SITS) sector, according to data from technology investment bank Silverpeak. The strong Q1 2021 performance saw an increase in both buy-side and sell-side deals, at 114 and 141 respectively, exceeding the previous peak of recent years, seen in Q2 2019.

Increasing confidence in the economic rebound from Covid has undoubtedly been a factor in the growth in deal volumes. However, changes anticipated to the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime in the March budget are likely to have encouraged UK sellers to bring forward deals.

TechMarketView Foundation Service and UKHotViews Premium subscribers can read more by downloading the Q1 2021 edition of IndustryViews Corporate Activity.

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Tuesday 11 May 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* CDDO tackling biggest barriers to UK Government digital progress

Jo Davinson photoAt the end of April, the Institute for Government (IfG) hosted an event entitled ‘Future Digital Government’ with speakers including Paul Wilmott (Chair of the Central Digital and Data Office, CDDO), Jo Davinson (Executive Director, CDDO - pictured), and Tom Read (CEO, Government Digital Service). You can watch the event here.

The CDDO was established in January this year. And, four months in, the event allowed the trio to shed more light on priority focus areas.

TechMarketView readers might remember our opinion piece following the establishment of the new organisation (see New UK Government Central Digital & Data Office), in which we espoused the move and expressed our renewed confidence in the ability of those in Whitehall to maintain digital momentum.

UKHotViews PremiumListening to the IfG event, we were impressed with the willingness of those leading the charge at the CDDO to tackle some of the biggest problems that have hampered the Government’s digital progression. Read more in UKHotViewsExra.

TechMarketView subscribers can access our analysis via the link above. If you are not yet a subscriber - or are not yet sure if your organisation has a corporate subscription - please contact Deb Seth to find out more. 

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Monday 10 May 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* BPS Operations Supplier Prospects

BPS Ops supplier prospectsThe UK Business Process Services (BPS) market is seeing an unprecedented level of change as both service providers and their clients work to adapt operating models and service delivery to the impact of COVID-19. BPS players are having to transform their own operations at the same time as their clients at record speed, whilst trying to deliver both KPIs and contract profitability.

Moving delivery centres to WFH on mass will have a profound effect on future service delivery, accelerating a range of transformation activities that have been long overdue and needed the “burning platform” of a pandemic to get kick started. In the longer term, we expect service delivery to remain dispersed and geographically fluid with automation investment both increasing and becoming more strategic.

In the short to medium term service providers have the cushion of long-term contracts, whilst risk associated with Covid-19 and Brexit will also drive caution. This should favour incumbents as contracts get renewed and extended until the dust finally settles.

The smartest operators will use 2021 as an opportunity to accelerate their own transformation ahead of the wider industry curve, towards a hybrid robotics, tech-enabled and human delivery model, all necessary to ensure the long-term relevance of the sector.

Our latest BPS Operations Supplier Prospects looks at the Top Ten leading players (by revenue) in the UK SITS BPS Operations market, and assess what they will need to do to be successful now and beyond. We also provide our analysis of the potential hurdles that will prevent suppliers reaching their potential in the short and mid-term.

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can download the BPS Operations Supplier Prospects report by clicking this link. If you are not currently a TechSectorViews subscriber and would like to gain access the report, please contact Deb Seth.

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Friday 07 May 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2021 and Beyond

* NEW RESEARCH * Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2021 and BeyondCyber security suppliers have on the whole proved themselves fairly resilient to the economic pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic to date. But the sudden, universal rush to remote working over the last 12 months benefitted some more than others, and the next 12 months will bring new challenges as IT departments bed down hastily implemented security tools and policies and embrace new workplace technologies that present fresh vulnerabilities.

Our latest Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2021 and Beyond report takes a detailed look at the Top Ten leading suppliers (by revenue) of enterprise cyber security products and services to UK customers and assesses what they need to do to be successful in 2021 and beyond. We also provide our analysis of the potential hurdles that will prevent suppliers reaching their potential in the short and mid-term.

The pace of transformation within existing hardware, software and service portfolios has accelerated in tandem with the pandemic for example. And the revenue balance between legacy on-premise solutions and hosted SaaS and managed security service MSS equivalents must now be even more carefully managed even while new opportunities around fifth generation (5G) networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing are identified and exploited.

Increased automation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly help to reduce opex and smooth the customer experience, yet suppliers must simultaneously maintain effective compliance and performance monitoring frameworks for customers and provide access to client-facing human resources when needed.

The suppliers profiled in this report include BT Group, Cisco, DXC, Fortinet, IBM, Mimecast, NCC Group, Orange Business Services (OBS), Palo Alto Networks and Sophos.

Subscribers to TechSectorViews can access the details in our Cyber Security Supplier Prospects 2021 and Beyond report here. If you don’t have a subscription and would like to know more about how to access our services, please email Deb Seth for more information.

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Sunday 02 May 2021

Share performance in April 21

SharesApril was the month when Big Tech announced its Q1 results. As you will see, it really was a ‘Bumper Quarter’ which saw the NASDAQ surge by 5.6% (up 8.8% YTD).

The FTSE100 couldn’t quite keep up the pace this month. But a rise of 3.8% (+7.9% YTD) was pretty respectable in anyone’s books.

The FTSE Telecomm Index rose by 4.3% (an even higher +15.2% YTD). Mainly on the back of BT which rose 6.5% (+24.7% YTD).

The FTSE SCS Index – which monitors the UK quoted software & IT services stocks that we follow – was up an impressive 6.5% (+11.2% YTD)

Big Tech has had a ‘Blow out quarter’.


HVPActually I am more optimistic than I have been in years. The UK (and US) vaccine rollout is going great guns pointing to these economies opening up pretty soon. Indeed everyone I talk to reports staff shortages. If that boosts wages – particularly at the lower end – that will be ‘good’. But maybe that will lead to inflation which would make many tech stocks less attractive.

But, for now, let’s just enjoy a moment of optimism.

All the detail and comment in our Review of Share Performance in Apr 21 on HotViews Extra available to all subscribers including HotViews Premium. Why not join them for just £395pa. For more details CLICK HERE

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